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Family owned and operated

"We feel so at home." Our guests say this quite often. Well, the Ryan Hotel is home for owners Tim and Donna whom live onsite. Their daughter Sheena is onsite many days of the week although she's usually behind the scenes working on the finances.

Why choose the Ryan Hotel?

The unassuming front door leads you into a historic hotel built in 1903 with 14 unique rooms. Each room has been updated for modern travelers needs but keeps that historic charm. Many years ago, people lived in the hotel. Usually monthly stays however Miss Montgomery lived in Room 11 for 43 years. We have lovingly decorated the room in remembrance of her dedicated teaching years in the community.

It has been a common misconception that rooms do not have private bathrooms. Although there are three rooms without a private bathroom, 11 rooms do have ensuite bathrooms. In 2019 we made many upgrades to those bathrooms and completely updated the one shared bathroom.

Donna loves giving tours to curious guests. Book your reservation to enjoy yourself or simply stop by to meet the family and see for yourself.

See you soon!

We look forward to seeing you and helping make your stay memorable.

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